Yonex EZONE Type Drivers

Yonex EZONE Type Drivers

Yonex, a global company
that’s been relatively quiet
in the U.S. market over the
past few years, looks to hit
it big with EZONE Type
drivers. (Expect high-end
clubfitters to offer the

The EZONE Type 420 and EZONE
Type 450 heads are made from a titanium
alloy that’s 5 percent lighter than the titanium
blends typically used in drivers. (EZONE
Type 380 has the same material as in most
drivers.) The club’s graphite crown (5 grams
lighter than titanium) helps to lower the
center of gravity (CG) location, too. Yonex
claims that the combination creates a CG
in the center of the face. According to the
company’s test data, shots spin less (by 300
to 500 rpm) and travel 3 to 6 yards farther
on center and off-center hits compared to
some leading competitors’ drivers.

The drivers get progressively
larger with more draw bias and
higher launch. The EZONE Type
380 checks in at 380cc
and 45″, with a fade bias, low
launch and spin, and max
workability. The EZONE Type
420 is 420cc, 45.5″, neutral
bias, mid- to low launch and
low spin; and the EZONE Type
450 tips the scales at 450cc
and 45.5″, with a draw bias,
high launch, low to mid spin
and max forgiveness.

The titanium
face insert—thickest in
the center
(3.2 mm)
and thinnest
in the
(1.7-2.0 mm)—
boosts ball
speeds on
off-center hits.

In addition, Yonex is one of the few club
companies to make shafts. In this case, the
company co-developed a carbon composite
“nanotube” technology with Applied Nanotech
Holdings. Nano particles run from the
middle of the Nanopreme 50 shaft to the
head. This strengthens the lower part of the
shaft while maintaining its flexibility. The
result: Improved bend properties, stability
(less deformation) and energy transfer.

The Nanopreme 50 shaft is engineered to launch
higher shots with more spin. Rexis Tour M-1 and M-2 series
shafts (custom order only) produce lower-spinning shots due
to a higher kickpoint, less torque, etc. The M-1 and M-2 (slightly
higher kickpoint and less torque than M-1) come in multiple
weights, torques and flexes to suit most golfers.

$399, graphite; yonexusa.com