Wishon Golf 560MC irons

February 16, 2007

Tom Wishon is one of the golf industry’s most prolific designers. In the past two decades, he’s fashioned literally hundreds of head designs during stints at Golfsmith and Dynacraft. Firms like these made their mark selling components—heads, shafts and grips—to custom club makers and some club maker wannabes.

These days Wishon runs his own shop, Tom Wishon Golf Technology (TWGT). The company, he says, sells only to certified club makers. Good move, Tom. Let others supply the “glue and stick” guys who slap together components without fully understanding how the pieces work as one.

His latest iron head, 560MC Forged Carbon Steel, is a forged cavity back with built-in game-improvement properties. Wishon is proud as a papa because, he says, it is the first forged carbon steel iron with the entire back cavity made by CNC machining. Most forged cavity back irons squeeze carbon steel out of the way to form a cavity. But Wishon mills the back of the head to produce a deeper cavity with more weight around it. The payoff is a higher moment of inertia or, in lay terms, a better result for off-center hits. It’s a clever way to deliver a more forgiving forged iron.

I’ve admittedly played only the 4-iron, 7-iron and A-wedge. But I like what I see. The 560MC has the look of a players’ blade at address, transmits lots of feel and presents ample forgiveness on slight mis-hits. It’s slightly larger than a typical forged cavity back (not oversize) and has plenty of sole weighting in long irons to produce an easy high ball flight.

Go to twgolftech.com to find a custom club maker who sells TWGT products and click on “clubmaker locator.” Set of eight: $720, steel or $800, graphite