Wilson Staff Infinite Grant Park Putter Review: ClubTest 2015

May 26, 2015

Wilson Staff Infinite Grant Park Putter


Category: Midsize Mallet Putters
Price: $100
34″, 35” shaft lengths
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Extra weight in the grip and head promote a more stable stroke.



DISTANCE CONTROL: Heavier-than-standard head with counterweighting swings itself, which promotes a dependable, repeatable stroke; reliable from all distances and well balanced in the hands and through the ball; attractive shape and feel take the guesswork out of your stroke.
FEEL: Just enough feedback to know how you did—many guys say that toe strikes feel very similar to center hits; a bladelike feel as it glides through impact; heel-shafted design suits testers with an open-to-closed action.
LOOK: Simple, unassuming styling that leaves the over-the-top flare to others; more compact than many putters in this category, the Infinite Grant Park is ideal for those who prefer a smaller-than-average mallet; traditional half-moon shape with non-reflective finish is a hit among testers.



For some testers, there’s not enough visible technology for it to be considered truly confidenceinspiring; others want more forgiveness; overall, probably best in the hands of a better putter.

BOTTOM LINE: Traditionalists and modernists alike can find something to enjoy in this putter. The Infinite Grant Park looks relatively understated but, under the hood, there’s a counterbalanced design, with an oversize grip, at an affordable price.

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NEXT REVIEW: Cleveland TFI Smart Square Putter

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