Wilson Staff FG Tour X, Staff Duo golf balls

Wilson Staff FG Tour X, Staff Duo golf balls

Wilson Staff Duo, Staff FG Tour X
Schecter Lee

From GOLF Magazine (May, 2012)

Staff FG Tour X,$40 (Buy Now)

IT’S FOR: Players who want a firm-feeling, high-spin ball on scoring shots.
SKINNY: The 3-piece ball with soft urethane cover is firmer (95 compression) than Staff FG Tour and spins more with short irons. (The two balls have comparable spin rates on driver shots.) Its “traction control” technology—a large area of the ball deforms on the clubface at contact—adds to short-game control.

Staff Duo, $20 (Buy Now)

IT’S FOR: All skill levels with swing speeds <90 mph.
SKINNY: Wilson touts the 2-piece Duo as the softest, longest ball in its category. A large, low-compression (40) rubber core transmits soft feel and decreases driver spin for improved control. It has a high coefficient of restitution, which measures energy retention in a high-impact collision. In this case, it relates to ball velocity off the head.

Also available from Wilson:

Staff FG Tour, $40 (Buy Now)
Soft-feeling 3-piece ball (75 compression) with a thin urethane cover. Tour yellow option is new for 2012.

Staff C:25, $22 (Buy Now)
Multilayer 3-piece ball with a soft rubber core that delivers soft feel and low spin off the driver. Mantle layer contributes to high initial velocity for added length.

Staff Fifty Elite, $13 (Buy Now)
2-piece distance ball with 50 compression for soft feel and low driver spin. White, yellow or orange.

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