ClubTest 2014: Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 Hybrids

May 1, 2014

Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 Hybrids
Category: Better-Player Hybrids
Price: $200
17° (adjusts 16° to 18°), 19° (18° to 20°), 21° (20° to 22°) and 23° (22° to 24°) with Aldila RIP Phenom graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Each head can be adjusted by +/- 1° loft. Upright lies are available as well. Adjustable sole weights (3, 7 or 11 grams) let you tweak ball flight.

Performs well from various lies— including sand—and off the tee; medium-high flight lands softly enough on greens.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Its strongest attribute— extreme reliability and forgiveness; almost every shot goes straight, with toe and heel shots corrected nicely; consistent, straight shots make narrow fairways and small target areas look bigger.
DISTANCE: Respectable length; testers hit these precise, controlled distances; some guys land shots in tight circles on the range and know exactly how far they’ll travel each time they hit them on the course.
FEEL: Slightly heavy head is easy to track through the swing; solid shots are crisp and satisfying, with a touch of vibration reaching the hands.
LOOK: Dark, mysterious, yet unassuming; gray crown contrasts with black topline and face to frame the ball; easy-to-read adjustable hosel.

It doesn’t stand out from the pack in any category; middle-of-the-road length; trades in shot-shaping ability for some more forgiveness.

BOTTOM LINE: The Volvo wagon of hybrids—it’s not flashy but it is dependable. The FG Tour M3 gets you out of trouble, or eliminates it altogether.

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