Wilson Staff D200 Driver

October 13, 2014

Wilson Staff D200 driver
Price: $299

Recent history shows that Wilson Staff is committed to building superlight drivers for slower swingers. Now the company is taking the next step in that process, outfitting these clubs with adjustability features typically found in standard-weight drivers. The bottom line is that slower-swinging golfers can now access the type of toy that faster swingers (and lower-handicappers) have used for years.

The D200 can be switched from 1° weaker to 1° stronger than the marked loft, and the club offers upright settings that produce a draw bias. At 268 grams, the D200 is one gram lighter than its predecessor, the D100. That’s a notable achievement, considering the added mass that comes with the inclusion of an adjustable, aluminum hosel. The D200 also has a lower CG than previous models, due in part to a thinner, lighter crown.

And it’s not only easier to swing-the Wilson Staff D200 is designed to be a slice-buster, too. The aforementioned upright lie settings can straighten out shots by adding 9 to 12 yards of draw bias, according to company testing.

Like the existing D100, the D200 features “Right Light” technology, which combines a light, forgiving clubhead with a lightweight shaft. This requires tweaks to the club’s balance point, MOI and swingweight but ultimately allows players to generate more clubhead speed without swinging harder. Lofts: 9°, 10.5°, 13°. Available January 15, 2015.

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