ClubTest 2014: Wilson Staff D100 ES Irons

Wilson Staff D100 ES Irons
Michael Chini

Wilson Staff D100 ES Irons
Category: Max Game-Improvement Irons
Price: $599, steel; $699, graphite
4H-6H with Matrix Ozik Altus 5.6 graphite shaft, and 7-GW with Matrix Studio 6.1 steel shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: This lightweight hybrid-iron set is best suited for slower swingers. Oversize, thin-face irons are built to launch high shots.

Testers like its dependable performance; the sticks easily manufacture high, gentle, consistent draws; some guys find that these irons excel out of the rough.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Loads of perimeter weighting mitigates directional mistakes; generally repeatable—the Staff D100 ES gets your ball to the green; hybrid long irons provide a nice boost at the long end of the set.
DISTANCE CONTROL: Nothing crazy here—most testers hit them as far as their own clubs; some of our slower swingers experience minimal distance gains over their current irons.
FEEL: Maintain a consistent feel throughout the whole set, irons into hybrids; well distributed weight, with little or no shock or torque at impact.
LOOK: To most guys, this is an attractive combo set; it looks easy to hit and isn’t clunky; visually, it’s pretty clean over the ball, with a wide flange that’s fairly well hidden.

Faster swingers tend to balloon some shots; a few guys experience inconsistent distances; other testers wish this would be an all-iron set; the white shaft and busy graphics give some testers pause.

BOTTOM LINE: Built with the novice and occasional player in mind—testers see workmanlike results without having to grind too hard.

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