What I Play: Trevor Immelman

What I Play: Trevor Immelman


DRIVER: Nike SQ Sumo 5000 with Str8-Fit, 10.5° (closer to 12°), Mitsubishi Fubuki 73 graphite shaft, X-flex, 45″ length, 281 yards; not available at retail.
Trevor says: “Str8-Fit technology allows the average consumer to buy one driver and have eight different settings. If he’s losing the ball to the right, he strengthens the face angle and the ball will go straighter. It’s pretty incredible stuff that golfers haven’t seen before.”

3-wood: Nike Ignite T60, 15°, Mitsubishi Fubuki 83 graphite shaft, X-flex, 43″ shaft, 255 yards; $N/A

Hybrids: Nike SQ Sumo2, 17°, Mitsubishi Fubuki 83 graphite shaft, X-flex, 230 yards, $89/graphite; Nike SQ Sumo2, 20°, Mitsubishi Fubuki 83 graphite shaft, X-flex, 220 yards, $89/graphite
Trevor says: “I’ve had the 17° for three years, which is quite a long time for a Tour pro. It operates like a 2-iron or 5-wood. Depending on the course setup, I might carry a 5-wood. I’d probably opt for this 2-iron [hybrid] in windier conditions with longer par-3s because it’s a more penetrating flight.”

Irons (4-PW): Nike Victory Red Forged Blade, True Temper Dynamic Gold, X flex, flat lie, weak lofts in 4-5 irons; $899/steel for set of 8
4-iron 210 yards
5-iron 200 yards
6-iron 190 yards
7-iron 175 yards
8-iron 160 yards
9-iron 150 yards
PW 135 yards
Trevor says: “I found that adding loft to long irons doesn’t cost me distance because the ball spends more time in the air. I also stretch out my grips on the shaft, to make them as thin as I can. I feel the clubhead better and release it better.”

Wedges: Nike VR Forged, 54°, 115 yards; Nike VR Forged, 60°, 90 yards. (Wedges have True
Temper Dynamic Gold S400 steel shaft.) $109 each/steel

Putter: Titleist Scotty Cameron Circle T 303 SSS Newport, 34″ length, 3° loft; $N/A

Ball: Nike One Tour $45/dozen

STAT FACT: 60.3%
Immelman’s GIR (greens-in-regulation) percentage, from 175
to 200 yards, placing him 14th on Tour.
Source: PGA Tour Shotlink, through September 16