ClubTest 2014: Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Hybrids

Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Hybrids

Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Hybrids
Category: Game-Improvement Hybrids
Price: $160
3 (19°) and 4 (22°) with Fujikura Exotics Fuel graphite shaft; 3 (19°) and 4 (22°) with Fujikura Exotics Fuel Tour graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: A dimpled “Power Grid” creates an accordion effect for more spring at impact. The face is thinner toward the heel and toe to maximize ball speeds across a wider area.

Solidly above average, a handy club that can pull off almost every shot you seek from anywhere on the course; overall trajectory is a pinch lower than many hybrids.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: One of its real strengths; upper-echelon: reliable, repeatable and straight down the line; to lots of guys, it’s hard to miss with the XCG7.
DISTANCE: Another one of its strengths—for many guys, as long or longer than anything out there; very good consistency, mis-hits don’t fall far behind pure strikes.
FEEL: Our panel’s favorite model; it blasts the ball with a thick yet articulate sensation, almost like a forged iron; ideal stability to rip through turf.
LOOK: A slim, matte-dark hybrid with white scoring lines to frame the ball; overall, a traditional, well-received clubhead shape.

Loses points with some guys for its sullen color scheme and distracting logo on the crown; a few testers find the ball flight to be a touch on the low side; a bit heavy for a couple of guys—it requires a fair amount of clubhead speed to achieve optimal results.

BOTTOM LINE: One of the top clubs tested. An overachiever at an affordable price. It combines precision, playability and power while setting the standard for feel.

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