Tour Edge Exotics XCG-4 Driver

March 15, 2011

From Golf Magazine (March, 2011)
Category: Game-Improvement Drivers
We tested: 9°, 10.5°, 12° with Graphite Design Tour AD 45 graphite shaft; 9°, 10.5°, 12° with Fujikura Motore 55 Red graphite shaft

Key Technologies: A light carbon crown and two carbon sole inserts allow for additional sole weight (two tungsten plugs), increasing MOI by 15% for more forgiveness. "Super" ultralight version (276 grams) features 26-gram grip and 45-gram shaft at 46", while "ultralight" version (310 grams) has 55-gram shaft at 45.5".

OUR TESTERS SAY: This lightweight club isn't a world-beater distance-wise but delivers respectable control.

DISTANCE: Some testers gain swing speed and marginally more distance than their current gamer.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Several testers find it deadly accurate and forgiving, too; drives consistently find the fairway.
FEEL: Hard, hot face, shots come off with loud, distinct sound; ultralight shaft encourages smooth-tempo swingers to make confident, aggressive swings.
PLAYABILITY: Shots launch high, then fly higher than most with a gentle drop; typical flight is straight to gentle draw.
LOOK: Simple head shape on red (or orange) shaft; white grip differentiates it from the pack.

It's too light for some stronger swingers who tend to hit shots too high with too steep a descent angle; a few testers are put off by its hard impact feel.


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