Tour Edge Bazooka QL

Tour Edge Bazooka QL

Tour Edge Bazooka QL
Greg Lord


You can look at Tour Edge’s full set of hybrid irons as the next logical evolutionary step for players who struggle with every iron, not just the long ones. The firm’s Bazooka QL Iron-woods are hybrids from the 3-iron clear through to the pitching wedge. (Cleveland HiBore irons have the same makeup.) The concept behind Bazooka
QL (Quick Launch) is right on the mark for slower swingers and/or higher handicappers. The club could — and should — help you to hit higher, more repeatable shots.

$599, steel, $679, graphite;

The light crown shifts weight low. Long irons have more sole mass positioned low and rear than short irons to aid trajectory.

A fixed 15-gram tungsten plug stabilizes the head and helps shots launch high.

The contoured sole, with large center rail, is designed to handle iffy lies.

Long irons have bulge and roll — a feature in woods — so offcenter shots curve back toward the intended target.

The forged face contributes to overall feel. Pictured here is the strong-lofted (45°) pitching wedge.