Titleist Vokey WedgeWorks High Bounce Wedge

August 31, 2016

Now available through WedgeWorks on Vokey.com is a new High Bounce M Grind model (60.10 M). Currently being played by a number of Tour players, the new model features more bounce than the equivalent SM6 model (60.08 M), making it more functional for players with steeper angles of attack through the swing. The M Grind shape provides these “diggers,” with better performance on full swing shots while also offering plenty of versatility around the greens.

Other features of the High Bounce M Grind include a progressive center of gravity for optimized trajectory, TX4 groove technology for higher spin rates, and a brushed chrome finish.

Bob Vokey comments, “We started to hear the same type of request from a bunch of guys. They’d say, ‘I love the M Grind, but I’m catching my full and three-quarter shots heavy. The wedge is digging in the fairway.’ We took that feedback and made this wedge for them.”

Like all wedge models available from WedgeWorks the new High Bounce M Grind can be customized with personal stamping and paint fill colors as well as with a variety of shafts, grips, and ferrules. The standard model starts at $195.