Titleist Unveils New DT TruSoft Golf Balls

September 8, 2015

Available in both white and optic yellow, the new DT TruSoft ($21.99/doz.) is not only the softest DT yet but also the softest feeling golf ball in the Titleist lineup. The new model, which was designed to replace the popular DT SoLo, is the result of over two years of research and development in which Titleist engineers determined how to provide players with an extremely soft feel without giving up any of the distance or short game performance characteristics of the DT SoLo. In fact the new DT TruSoft is actually a bit longer off the tee than its predecessor.

“DT TruSoft is the latest generation of Titleist’s soft compression core and cover technology. In each of our past three introductions of DT models, we have continued to provide golfers with softer and softer feel,” said Michael Mahoney, Director, Titleist Golf Ball Product Management. “Through our extensive testing with golfers, we know there is a growing interest for extremely soft feel, yet these golfers still want performance into and around the green. DT TruSoft represents the best combination of very soft feel and the all-around performance of distance and playability you expect from a Titleist golf ball.”

The keys to the new design are a new, very low compression core that’s larger and softer and a new pure ionomer cover that is the softest ever from Titleist. These two brand new components, which are combined with a 376 tetrahedral dimple design, provide a feel that’s not only soft throughout the bag but also responsive on the putter and short clubs. An added benefit of the TruSoft design is a slightly lower ballflight and shallower angle of descent than the DT SoLo that provides enhanced distance performance for a wide range of players, regardless of swingspeed.

Like all Titleist DT models since the family began in 1948, the new DT TruSoft is manufactured in the USA with the highest possible tolerances to ensure outstanding consistency from ball to ball. The DT TruSoft will be available at retail on October 1.

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