Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X5 Putter Review: ClubTest 2015

May 26, 2015

Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X5 Putter


Category: Midsize Mallet Putters
Price: $350
34″, 35” and 38” shaft lengths
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: A light aluminum soleplate shifts mass toward the heel and toe.



DISTANCE CONTROL: Superbly balanced with consistent feel—the stable clubhead promotes a repeatable stroke so testers can forget about speed and focus on the back of the cup; forgiveness all over the face—perimeter weighting makes distance control a breeze, even on poor swings.
FEEL: Testers sense the thud of a quality strike even when they don’t make one; subtle, muted sound follows the ball into the hole; several panelists laud the overall weighting of the counterbalance Futura X5 Dual Balance version ($400).
LOOK: The medium-size clubhead has two wide prongs that help testers straighten and stabilize their strokes; the boxy shape promotes a square, back-and-through move; our panelists love the handsome, brushed silver finish—this putter wears its worksmanship right on its face.



Some testers want to see more alignment help; a few others find the heavier, counterbalanced Dual Balance model somewhat difficult to control.

BOTTOM LINE: The Scotty Cameron Futura X5 is one of the top-rated putters in the test. It looks great and has a good deal of built-in help to straighten out or stabilize your stroke. Players left longing for their old anchored putter will be pleased by the Futura X5 Dual Balance.

BUY THE CLUB: Get your own Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X5 Putter

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NEXT REVIEW: Wilson Staff Infinite Grant Park Putter

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