Titleist Pro V1 and ProV1x

Titleist Pro V1 and ProV1x

Few products have ever created a buzz like Titleist Pro V1s. They dominate in the shop (21.4-percent market share through December) and on the PGA Tour (36 wins in 2004), played by a who's who of superstars. To keep the buzz buzzing, the balls get updated periodically. Read on to learn what's new and different about the 2005 versions and hear the pros' takes. $58/dozen; 888-TITLEIST or titleist.com


  • Pro V1's softer core and firmer mantle layer lower spin on full shots for a more penetrating trajectory–high and flat–and more distance.
  • Pro V1x's dual core is softer than the current 'x'. The core and ionomer casing layer promise improved feel on full shots. Faster swingers will also experience added control thanks to lower spin on all shots.
  • The soft urethane cover is unchanged in the new Pro V1 and Pro V1x, so golfers should expect plenty of stopping power around the greens.

Tour Players' Verdicts

"The new Pro V1 goes a little farther off the tee. It doesn't spin as much off the tee, and may go better in the wind. That's the only real difference I can see." -Todd Hamilton

"I'm seeing a little flatter trajectory off my wedges with the new Pro V1x. They say the difference should be 100 to 200 rpm less on wedges, and it's just as long." -Zach Johnson

"The new Pro V1 doesn't spin as much with the long clubs but spins the same with the short clubs–and it feels the same around the greens." -Jay Haas

"I'll stick with the old 'x'. I've tried the new one and with the irons it feels like the ball is flying differently, like it's dropping out of the sky." -Ernie Els