Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x Balls

September 19, 2012

From Golf Magazine (March, 2011)
IT'S FOR: Golfers of all skill levels and swing speeds who want short-game control.
SKINNY: The multilayer Pro V1 and Pro V1x dominated the ball landscape during the past decade. The new Pro V1 boasts similar launch characteristics to "Pro V1 2009," spins slightly more throughout the bag and achieves similar distance and a more consistent, boring flight. It has a new core with uniform hardness, an ionomeric mantle (same material composition as Pro V1 2009) and urethane elastomer cover (same composition and thickness). The Pro V1x launches higher than Pro V1x 2009 and flies on a higher trajectory with the driver and long irons (shots peak farther downrange) for added distance. A new dimple pattern (with seven different dimple sizes) provides a more aerodynamic, consistent flight. The 4-piece ball—dual core (same material as Pro V1x 2009), mantle (same) and cover material (same with new aerodynamics)—has similar spin attributes, feel and short-game performance as its predecessor

1. Three Mobile Fitting Vans (each one is staffed by teams of four tech reps) use a Trackman launch monitor to promote high-level educational fittings. Fitters recommend two balls for you to evaluate on-course.
2. Sales reps conduct "educational" fitting events without a launch monitor. Again, reps suggest two balls for an on-course trial.
3. Online fitting includes a "golf ball selection tool" that directs you to a recommended model.

From Sports Illustrated (February 7, 2011)
With the new Pro V1 and Pro V1x, Titleist has introduced the most technologically advanced models in these highly successful lines. Product improvements have been engineered to satisfy the demanding requirements of the world's best tour players, club professionals, competitive amateurs and aspiring golfers. "We will only introduce a new ball if it truly performs better and helps golfers shoot lower scores," says Mary Lou Bohn, Titleist vice president of golf ball marketing and communications. "The new Pro V1 and Pro V1x are the best performing balls we've ever made and the best performing balls in the game."

Titleist Pro V1 loyalists will experience increased spin control and a more consistent ball flight while retaining exceptional distance and durability. "Players' feedback has focused on the new Pro V1's tight, penetrating flight, particularly in holding its line in the wind, as well as the increased spin control and consistent reaction into the green," says Bill Morgan, Acushnet Company's senior vice president of golf ball research and design.

The performance improvements of the new Titleist Pro V1x are longer distance and a more consistent ball flight, along with its renowned Drop-and-Stop greenside control. The Pro V1x also delivers very low spin off the driver and long irons. "While any distance gains are certainly player-dependent, most Pro V1x players have noticed that it peaks further downrange and carries farther than the prior generation Pro V1x," says Morgan.

Before any Titleist high-performance ball introduction, testing is conducted across the worldwide professional tours, with club professionals and better playing amateurs. The new Pro V1 and Pro V1x balls found instant success at the McGladrey Classic in October, when 22 players went with the new models. Bo Van Pelt (Pro V1), Webb Simpson (Pro V1x) and Steve Marino (Pro V1x) all finished in the top 15. Two weeks later Padraig Harrington earned the first victory with the new Pro V1x on the worldwide tours when he took the Iskandor Johor Open in Malaysia. "It is longer and holds its line better off the tee," says Harrington. "It's definitely got a more penetrating ball flight, has superb distance control and the Pro V1x has always been brilliant around the greens."

The video below—produced by Titleist and featuring Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Michael Breed— explains what went into the production of the new Pro V1 and Pro V1x balls.

$45 (per dozen),

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