New Titleist AP1 and AP2 714 irons

The new AP1 has a thinner topline than its predecessor and a new satin finish to limit glare. Stock shafts in the AP1 include True Temper's XP 95 steel or Mitsubishi's Kuro Kage 65 graphite.
Schecter Lee

Titleist's engineers set out to make fourth-generation AP1 and AP2 irons the most forgiving clubs on the market at their respective head sizes. It's easy, of course, to boost forgiveness by building a bigger head. However, Titleist's goal is to maintain a size that's easily maneuverable, appeals to the eye and feels solid.

New AP2 714 long irons, for example, have a lower center of gravity (CG), 2 percent higher MOI, and produce a marginally higher flight than the AP2 712s. All that's due to a 25 percent thinner upper face, plus an average of 43 grams of tungsten weight that's lower and wider than in the AP2 712. Some tungsten, in fact, is co-forged into the hosel, which spreads mass more to the club's perimeter. By contrast, the new AP2 short irons have a thicker upper face to raise the CG and improve feel, plus stronger lofts (by 1 degree), so shots fly on a lower, more piercing trajectory.

Titleist AP2 Irons

Schecter Lee
A lower heel height in the new AP2 short irons accentuates the toe for a less-boxy look at address.


According to Titleist, most players hit long irons low on the face and short irons high on the face. So it's no surprise that AP1 714 long and mid-irons have a lower center of gravity [CG] than AP1 712 irons. A new undercut beneath the topline saves 10 grams. This mass contributes to a 28-gram tungsten toe weight [24 grams in AP1 712], which helps increase forgiveness, produce a higher flight, and generate 0.5 mph [approx.] faster ball speeds.

A newly added support bar enhances impact feel while further lowering the CG. The short irons have a higher CG than existing AP1s, thanks to a thicker upper face, no topline undercut and no tungsten sole weight. This combines with 1-degree stronger lofts for a lower, flatter flight. Lastly, a narrower, more cambered sole reduces digging. AP1: $799, steel; $999, graphite; AP2: $1,099, steel; $1,299, graphite.