Titleist 917 Fairway Woods

September 8, 2016

The new Titleist 917 fairway woods ($319 each) come in two models, the 917 F2 and 917 F3. The F2 model is aimed at providing balanced performance with plenty of distance and forgiveness in a slightly larger profile. It comes is 13.5º, 15º, 16.5º, 18º, and 21º. The F3 model is designed to provide more versatility and shot making control in a more compact profile. It creates slightly less spin than the F2 and a more boring trajectory. The F3 comes in 13.5º and 15º. In comparison to the previous 915F and Fd models, the new 917 fairways produce an average of 3 to 7 yards more carry distance overall.

Both new 917 fairways feature an improved active recoil channel behind the clubface that provides more flex and ballspeed at impact across the entire clubface. A variable thickness face insert works with the channel to further enhance distance and is thinner around the outside of the clubface for better results on off-center hits. Forgiveness also comes from a low CG location and high MOI that increases stability and reduces speed loss on misses.

Other features include an adjustable hosel with 16 settings that allow players to fine tune loft and lie independently, as well as a new adjustable CG system. Players can use the new SureFit CG design to alter the CG location through the use of interchangeable weights and can choose from neutral or back (for trajectory and spin rate adjustments), and draw or fade (for shot bias adjustments). The system also allows for head weight adjustments by +/- 4 grams.

The 917 F2 and F3 fairway woods will be available at retail on October 21st.