Titleist 915F Fairway Woods Review: ClubTest 2015

April 22, 2015

Titleist 915F, 915Fd Fairway Woods


Category: Better-Player Fairway Woods
Price: $280
915F in 15° (adjusts 14.25° to 16.5°) and 16.5° (adjusts 15.75° to 18°) with Mitsubishi Diamana M+ Red 60 shaft; 915Fd in 15° (adjusts 14.25° to 16.5°). Both tested with Mitsu. Diamana S+ Blue 70, D+ White 80 and Aldila Rogue Black 80.
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The sole channel and Carpenter steel face combine to produce faster ball speeds with lower spin than 913 woods.



PLAYABILITY: Among the highest-rated woods; easy to shape shots low, high or side to side; surprisingly simple to hit—the ball seems to fly effortlessly from just about any lie.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: One of the club’s greatest strengths—consistently produces straight shots on command; saves you strokes but won’t cover up your worst misses.
DISTANCE: Stacks up with the longest woods; guys hit shots on tight par 4s knowing they won’t give up much by leaving the driver in the bag.
FEEL: A clear favorite—solid yet soft, like a persimmon wood but with a lot more power.
LOOK: The highest-rated model—clean, classic, and beautiful; lines up perfectly behind the ball.



A few testers don’t think there’s enough of an improvement over the 913 woods; they can be difficult for some guys to hit from tight lies.

BOTTOM LINE: The 915’s are some of the top fairway woods tested. These big hitters are precise, boast an elegant, understated look and feel great during the swing and at impact.

BUY THE CLUB: Get your own Titleist 915F Fairway Wood

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NEXT REVIEW: Tour Edge Exotics E8 Beta Fairway Woods

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