Titleist 915F Fairway Wood Review: ClubTest 2016

April 19, 2016



CATEGORY: Better Player Fairway Woods
PRICE: $280
WE TESTED: 3 (adjusts 13° to 17°), 3HL (adjusts 15° to 19°), 5 (adjusts 17° to 21°) with Fujikura Pro 70 graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Both the 915F and 915Fd have a sole channel near the face to encourage less spin and more ball speed.


PLAYABILITY: The 915F and 915Fd are very strong performers — if you get bored hitting it long and straight, you can move it around on command, especially with the 915Fd; the 915F is sporty from just about any lie in or around the fairway.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: A real strength — covers up directional mistakes so you can miss all day and be fine; the 915F is slightly more forgiving, but both versions are confidence boosters — pull these out and go for the green without worrying about trouble; shots get airborne pretty easily.
DISTANCE: The 915Fd is a dynamite option as a second driver — all you can ask for off the tee; no slouch off the fairway, either; both models fly about the same length when going for par 5s.
FEEL: Both 915 models produce a powerful, lively feel and sound; stable, balanced and perfectly weighted through the swing.
LOOK: About as good as it gets in its class; traditional, classy and understated — what testers have come to expect from Titleist woods.


Not many negatives to report, but a few guys could use a bit more distance; the 915Fd isn’t as functional from trouble lies as some testers would like; glossy black finish distracts a few panelists at address.

BOTTOM LINE: Titleist’s 915 woods are the top-rated Better Player sticks in the test. The total package — forgiving, workable, long and great feel. The 915F is marginally easier to hit, while the 915Fd is a bit more maneuverable.



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