Titleist 910F Fairway Woods

April 16, 2012

From Golf Magazine ClubTest 2012 (May, 2012)

Category: Better-Player Fairway Woods
Price: $249

WE TESTED: 15°, 17° with Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana ’ahina 82 graphite shaft; 15°, 19° with Diamana Kai’li 75 graphite shaft; 15°, 19° with Diamana ’ilima 71 graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The patented dual-angle hosel allows for loft and lie adjustments to be made independently of one another for precise fitting. A thin crown and strategic weighting create a low, deep center of gravity for improved launch conditions and enhanced overall performance.

OUR TESTERS SAY: One of the top-rated woods in its class. Achieves high marks across the board.

PLAYABILITY: The compact head in the neutral setting can be worked both ways with ease; does well from all lies.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Very accurate on good swings—shots go where you aim; handles thin shots and provides acceptable length on slight misses.
DISTANCE: Plenty long with more roll off the tee than many other models; consistent distances on solid hits from the fairway.
FEEL: Lots of feedback at impact; solid, slightly hot feel on center hits; not harsh on mis-hits.
LOOK: Traditional shape and high quality black finish are quite popular; understated appearance says “player.”

Doesn’t provide a ton of help getting the ball in the air; compact head size is not for the faint of heart.

From Golf Magazine (May 2011)
Category: Fairway Woods
We tested: (910F) 15°, 17° and 19° with Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana Kai'li 75 graphite shaft, 13.5° with Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana 'Ahina 82 graphite shaft; (910F-d) 13.5° and 15° with Diamana Kai'li 75, 13.5° and 15° with Diamana 'Ahina 82

Key Technologies: "SureFit Tour" adjustable hosel lets you adjust loft and lie independently (16 combos). The 910F has a deep CG to launch shots off turf; 910F-d is more of a driving club.

OUR TESTERS SAY: Attractive sticks loaded with technology; good cosmetics, acoustics and feel.

PLAYABILITY: Mid-flight with boring trajectory produces more run-out than others; head cuts through all but the worst rough; 910 F-d is a good option on tighter holes.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Low-spinning head provides acute accuracy on good swings.
DISTANCE: Good results from deep-face 910 F-d off the tee; some guys find the 910F to be sneaky long as well.
FEEL: Sweet sounding, crisp compression on center hits; misses deliver a good deal of feedback, too.
LOOK: Lovely pear-shaped head has rich black finish, white score lines and visual aid on crown that stands out.

Despite its adjustability feature, a few higher handicappers find some others easier to hit consistently; a handful of guys prefer more "game-improvement" help.

From Golf Magazine (January, 2011)
Titleist's latest fairway wood showcases the same adjustable technology found in its 910D series drivers. The "SureFit Tour" hosel with "dual angle technology" enables you to adjust loft and lie independently of each other, so you can alter loft without affecting lie, or vice versa. The payoff: It's so simple to custom-fit this club to your desired trajectory (high, medium or low), spin rate, and shot shape (fade or draw). Titleist also offers the low-spin 910 F-d (13.5° or 15° loft), which is geared for tee shots and produces a penetrating flight.

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$249, graphite

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