TaylorMade’s New Tour Burner Driver

The dual crown of the Tour Burner provides a broad footprint for added confidence at address.
Schecter Lee

TaylorMade’s family of Burner drivers is engineered for those who want to bomb it (by contrast, adjustable-weight r7 clubs are for those who like to tinker).

The new Tour Burner and Tour Burner TP feature a smaller, lighter and crown (by 12%) that distributes more mass lower the head. This new design helps shots take off higher, and with less spin, than they do with the previous Burner. The payoff is greater distance. Tests by our exclusive equipm”at 100 mph swing speed”] due to 1.5-degree higher launch.

Sounds simple but here’s the physics of it: The center of gravity (CG) in most drivers is located well back from the face to produce high launch. But this alone could increase spin too much and impede overall distance. Dropping the CG lower in the head reduces spin and potentially boosts total distance. In actual numbers, the CG in Tour Burner is 5 millimeters below the center of the face versus 3 mm in the Burner TP.

The Tour Burner comes with the Reax SuperFast 60-gram shaft at 45.5″. It is also available through the firm’s SelectFit custom fitting system.

Tour Burner: $399, graphite; Tour Burner TP: $599; taylormadegolf.com

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