TaylorMade TP Wedges with xFT

TaylorMade TP Wedges with xFT

From Golf Magazine (May 2011)
Category: Wedges
We tested: 52°/9°, 56°/16°, 60°/10°, 64°/6° with FST KBS Hi-Rev steel shaft

Key Technologies: The interchangeable face design allows the clubface to be replaced quickly and easily to maintain maximum spin rates. In addition, a rough surface texture created by milling further enhances spin and shot control under a variety of conditions.

OUR TESTERS SAY: Dependable performers that offer the significant benefit of an easily replaceable clubface and fresh grooves.

PLAYABILITY: Fairly good all-purpose wedge that can be manipulated around greens; club cuts through rough well.
DISTANCE CONTROL: Consistent output on full shots from the short grass; particularly good out of rough, likely due to fresh grooves.
FEEL: Crisp, clean response at impact; stable feel is accentuated by slightly heavy sensation in the sole.
LOOK: The head's soft, flowing lines appeal to most testers; face insert is well disguised and not very visible at address.

Doesn't stand out in any one area; a few testers say there's too much going on in the back of the head.


From Golf Magazine (ClubTest, April, 2010)
We tested: 52° loft/9° bounce, 56°/12°, 60°/6° with KBS steel shaft

Company line: "This is the first interchangeable wedge clubface specially designed to promote increased spin. The face fits precisely into the milled pocket and provides soft feel, fresh grooves and a rough surface for maximum backspin and control."

Our Testers say:
PROS: Does everything well without being flashy; good distance control from the rough; ball flight is high and soft; "heavy" (but not too heavy) heads plow through the rough; repeatable results from bunkers; testers like its strong, crisp feedback; attractive traditional, compact shape; high-tech look with brushed finish.

CONS: Some prefer more of a soft, forged feel; a few testers want added help distancewise on misses; a minority have inconsistent results on full shots off tight lies.
From Sports Illustrated Golf+ Equipment Issue (February 8, 2010)
TaylorMade's new TP wedge with xFT (Exchangeable Face Technology) allows pros and amateurs to easily replace a worn clubface. TaylorMade studies indicate that after about 1,000 shots the edge-radius of each groove becomes dull. "Every time you explode from sand, it's like rubbing a piece of sandpaper on your clubface," says Bret Wahl, TaylorMade's senior director of iron development. The xFT is a simple, cost-effective solution to keep grooves fresh while using the same clubhead. The xFT face is held in place with two screws on the back of the clubhead that can be tightened with an R9 torque wrench.

From The Shop Blog (September 2009)
Most golfers buy new wedges when the grooves in their old wedges have worn out, producing inconsistent results and making it tough to stop the ball quickly

TaylorMade will soon offer an easier, and less expensive, way to get new-groove performance. Known for its adjustable r7 and R9 woods, the company's new TP wedges with xFT, short for Exchangeable Face Technology, offer a new innovation in the market: replaceable face plates.

By using a torque wrench that is identical to the one that comes with the R9 driver, players can remove the face plate and screw in a new one with fresh grooves. Presto! In effect, you have a new wedge. The whole procedure can be done in about 60 seconds.
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