TaylorMade Reveals New Clubs for 2016

September 9, 2015

TaylorMade is betting that it can get its mojo back after a difficult 2015. Here, at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Conn., the company unveiled five models to more than 60 golf writers from the U.S. and abroad. The new gear includes a family of woods — driver, fairway wood and hybrid — plus two sets of better-player irons. Here’s a quick preview.


M1 Driver


TaylorMade debuted the white-headed R11 driver in 2011. Since then, the company’s offered its share of white drivers and black ones. The M1 mixes both colors in the crown — a white stripe close to the face is designed to help you return the club to square while the darker carbon fiber saves weight and gives the illusion of a smaller head in the address position.

In the past, drivers with a carbon fiber crown were susceptible to a “dead” sound and feel. TaylorMade claims the M1 delivers a crisp sound and feel because of specially positioned ribs on the underside of this crown (hidden from view).

With the M1, the company is doubling down on sliding weights used to tweak ball flight. One slider runs from heel to toe, which effects shot shape. Positioning the 15-gram weight in the heel creates draw bias, and so on. Placing a second 10-gram weight toward the back of the head adds dynamic loft for a higher flight while setting it closer to the face delivers a lower flight. The M1 comes standard with the Fujikura Pro 60 shaft, and will be retail on October 8th.


M1 Fairway Woods


Matching fairway woods feature the same dual-color crown with carbon fiber. A single track along the sole boasts a pair of 15-gram sliding weights to dial in shot shape — both weights toward the toe create a fade bias, both weights toward the heel produce draw bias, spreading the weights to the perimeter offers max forgiveness, and so on. The adjustable hosel increases or decreases loft by 1.5-degrees. Available October 8th.

M1 Hybrids


The all-stainless steel heads have two removable sole weights. Placing the 25-gram tungsten plug in the rear and 3-gram aluminum plug in the toe creates a neutrally weighted head while reversing the formula (tungsten in the toe and aluminum in the rear) gives the head more of a fade bias. A Speed Pocket on the sole helps maintain ball speeds on off-center hits while the adjustable hosel allows you to strengthen or weaken loft by 1.5-degrees. Available October 8th.


PSi Irons

$1,099, steel; $1,299, graphite

The PSi, which stands for “players slotted iron,” has a multi-material badge in the rear to control sound and vibration, plus a cut-through sole slot, and cutouts on the face to increase flex and maintain ball speeds on off-center hits. Tungsten weighting in the long irons helps increase launch while the forged short irons provide heightened feel. The head also has a 360-degree undercut channel for consistent carry distances regardless of impact. At retail on November 6th.


PSi Tour Irons

$1,299, steel

The PSi Tour is the direct replacement for Tour Preferred MB. This forged cavity-back has a Speed Pocket and face slots to improve the performance with off-center hits. At retail on December 20th.

More details to follow.

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