TaylorMade Rescue, Rescue TP Hybrids

From Golf Magazine (May 2011)
Category: Game-Improvement Hybrids

We tested: 16°, 18° with Aldila RIP 65 graphite shaft
Key Technologies: The club is designed with a lower center of gravity (CG) to improve launch, plus a more "neutral" CG to limit draw bias. "Flight Control Technology" (FCT) has eight settings to vary loft (+/- 1°) and face angle (+/- 2°).

OUR TESTERS SAY: This all-purpose hybrid covers you from tee to rough; the adjustability feature allows you to make subtle yet noticeable changes in ball flight and direction; these are long hitters.

PLAYABILITY: Thanks to clubhead adjustability, there's no need to buy a new club as your game improves; a lower, more penetrating flight produces a straight shot to a slight fade; very good out of the first cut of rough.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: It doesn't exaggerate a hook or slice; higher handicappers tend to hit it right.
DISTANCE: Several testers pound it longer than with their own sticks.
FEEL: Head-heavy feel makes it easy to locate head during backswing; weighty head powers through ball; nice sense of compression at impact.
LOOK: Some appreciate the contrast between white crown and black face.

Higher handicappers find it slightly less forgiving than some others tested; a few testers sense noticeable distance loss on mis-hits; white paint scheme deters some guys.

From Sports Illustrated Golf+ (February 7, 2011)
The club's steel, pull-face construction allows for a thin, fast face that promotes increased ball speed and minimum weight. The white crown provides optimum contrast against the black club face and the turf for easier aim.

From Golf Magazine (May 2011)
Rescue TP
Category: Better-Player Hybrids
We tested: 16° and 18° with Aldila RIP 85 graphite shaft

Key Technologies: The club's "Flight Control Technology" (8 settings) allows you to change face angle up to 4°, loft and lie up to 2°, and alter spin by as much as 1,000 rpm. The deep face provides a large effective hitting area, while the white, non-glare crown aids alignment.

OUR TESTERS SAY: Unique-looking, balanced performers that you can count on; multiple head positions are a real plus.

PLAYABILITY: Mid-trajectory flight is deemed "perfect" by a number of testers; good out of rough and reasonably proficient at producing draws and fades.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Fairly easy to hit straight; better at correcting direction than at maintaining distance on off-center hits.
DISTANCE: Consistent yardages due, in part, to the mid-level trajectory; adequate overall in regard to carry and roll.
FEEL: Soft yet solid at impact; the nicely balanced clubhead/ shaft combo provides feedback throughout the swing.
LOOK: The club's white clubhead with black face makes the head easy to aim at your target.

The white head distracts some testers; not the longest hitter out there; off-center hits can feel harsh.

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$189, graphite (Rescue); $219, graphite (Rescue TP)

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