TaylorMade R9 and R9 TP Fairway Woods

TaylorMade R9 and R9 TP Fairway Woods


From Golf Magazine (ClubTest, May 2010)

TaylorMade R9 fairway wood

Category: Fairway Woods

We tested: 3 (15°) and 4 (17°) with Fujikura Motore 70 graphite shaft

Company line: "The new classic head shape combines super-high MOI and an easy-launching center-of-gravity position. Our 'Flight Control Technology' (FCT) promotes side-to-side trajectory change of up to 35 yards, to help you dial in straighter, longer shots."

PROS: Among the best woods in its class; adjustable face settings are a real benefit; R9 produces accurate, long results; explosive feel on well-hit shots provides instant feedback; for most, the heads glide through rough; relatively easy to shape shots; consistent, driving ball flight; generous head weight swings nicely through the ball.

CONS: A small number of testers tend to dig and hit heavy shots; it's minor but a few guys seek a more helpful alignment device.


From 2009 Buyer's Guide:
Dr. Benoit Vincent, Chief Technical Officer, TaylorMade: "We set out to create the most compact design of our 'adjustability' system that could survive the harsh conditions of the clubhead going through the turf. The result is a durable, compact mechanism that's fully integrated in a classically shaped fairway wood and that offers launch conditions covering the width of the fairway."
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The new R9 and R9 TP fairway woods will also allow golfers to unscrew the clubhead and re-attach it in one of eight different positions, but they will not have movable weights.

TaylorMade says the adjustability of the R9 fairway woods can create up to 36 yards of side-to-side trajectory change. The company also says that the center of gravity in the R9 fairway woods is 50% lower than in the r7 fairways. That should make it easier to hit high-flying shots that land softly.

Like the R9 drivers, the R9 fairway woods have a slightly triangular look at address. The fairway woods are available in 13°, 15°, 17° and 19° models.

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