TaylorMade Milled Grind Wedges: First Look

January 19, 2017

Years of input from its Tour staff on shaping and grinds went into developing the Milled Grind (MG) wedge, the replacement for the Tour Preferred EF line. The classically shaped heads, made of 8620 carbon steel, are CNC milled for consistency and have a deeper bore and shaft insertion. (That’s red polymer in the heel.) This design saves 10 grams in the hosel area, which gets repositioned more toward the center of the face to increase inertia and enhance feel.

The MG series comes in three grinds — Low bounce (LB) with C-shaped relief in the rear and 9° bounce; Standard bounce (SB) has extra relief in the heel for players who like to open the clubface and 9° to 12° bounce (depending on loft); High Bounce (HB) has a wide, cambered sole and 11° to 13° bounce for players with steeper swings or those who typically play in soft conditions. “The business end of the wedge is the leading edge of the sole,” says Clay Long, Putter & Wedge R&D. “This is the first time in a mass market wedge that the leading edge radius and sole grind are milled. All others are hand polished.”

The wedges also boast a new groove design (with 38.5% steeper side walls) that increases spin and reduces launch. This configuration positions slightly narrower grooves closer together, which allows for an extra one on the face. Milled Grind wedges come in satin chrome finish. Starting June 1, the clubs will be available in bronze finish as well. $150; in stores March 3.