STX Sync 6 Putter

STX Sync 6 Putter

STX Sync 6
Schecter Lee

From GOLF Magazine ClubTest 2012 (June, 2012)

Category: Blade Putters
Price: $100

WE TESTED: 35” shaft length with black insert 
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The “F.E.E.L.” (Friction Enhancing Elastomer Layer) face insert increases the coefficient of friction to create less skid and more topspin so putts stay on line. It comes in two versions—the black insert delivers a softer feel (the ball stays in contact with the face longer to increase control) and the red insert produces a firmer feel and quicker roll off the face.

OUR TESTERS SAY: This club is a sleeper. The somewhat strange-looking clubhead gets good results.

DISTANCE CONTROL: Little twisting or distance loss on toe hits; black insert gets the ball rolling right off the face; corrects any type of pulling action by preventing toe from closing too much.
FEEL: Heavy head with super-soft black face insert dampens impact; distinct differences on where contact is made; head stays square during stroke.
LOOK: Black finish with simple alignment aid across thin topline; emphatically different due to an asymmetrical flange.

Some testers say impact feel is too soft on center hits so they lose feedback; a few guys are turned off by the white grip color; unusual overall feel with heavy head and ultrasoft face.


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