Srixon Z-STAR, Z-STAR XV and Q-STAR TOUR Golf Balls

January 23, 2017

Srixon Z-STAR golf balls have been gaining momentum both with Tour pros like Hideki Matsuyama, Graeme McDowell, Russell Knox and others, as well as weekend warriors for awhile now. The newest iteration of the Z-STAR and firmer Z-STAR XV, both of which are available in white or yellow, offer noticeable performance improvements over the models they replace. “The level of innovation in the new Z-STAR series is like nothing Srixon has ever achieved before,” said Jeff Brunski, the director of research and development for Srixon/Cleveland Golf/XXIO, North America. “Every element has been enhanced from the previous generation, which was already regarded as one of the best Tour golf ball pairs in the world. Srixon’s Tour staffers have been reaping the benefits from switching and we know consumers will, too.”

The standard Z-STAR is aimed at 90-plus mph swingers looking for a softer feeling Tour ball. Featuring a three-piece design, the Z-STAR is built with a softer gradient core (softest in the center, firmest on the edges) than the previous model, providing more ball speed at impact and longer overall distance. There’s also a new “speed dimple” pattern — five different sizes among 338 dimples creates more uniformity and surface coverage — which leads to a more stable flight, particularly in windy conditions. It also cuts down on in-flight drag for extra carry distance. The company’s third generation cover coating (called “Spin Skin”) adds friction between the ball and face on short shots for higher spin rates and greater shot-stopping control. $40/dozen; in stores February 17.


The Z-STAR XV features a four-piece construction with a new dual core, a firmer feel (105 compression vs. 88) than the Z-STAR, and is aimed at players with 100-plus mph swings. Like the standard Z-STAR, the inner core has a gradient design (softest in the middle and gradually firmer toward the outside). However, the XV has a second (outer) core, too. The innermost portion of the core is considerably larger and softer than the previous model while the firmer outer core has a consistent hardness. The combination provides faster ball speed for powerful swingers. Like the standard Z-STAR, the XV features the same dimple pattern to lessen in-flight drag and the Spin Skin outer coating to improve short game control. $40/dozen; in stores February 17.

The new Q-STAR TOUR, a three-piece design with urethane cover, provides Tour-like performance with a low compression for players with moderate clubhead speeds who prefer a soft-feeling ball. A large, gradient core (softest in the middle, firmest in the outside) provides more speed on full shots, while the “speed dimple” pattern enhances performance in windy conditions. The same outer coating applied to the Z-STAR models is featured in the Q-STAR TOUR, increasing friction at impact on short shots for better control. $30/dozen; in stores April 14.