Srixon Z-Star XV Tour Yellow Balls

Srixon Z-Star XV Tour Yellow Balls


From Golf Magazine (March, 2011)
IT'S FOR: Faster swingers (100+ mph) who produce too much driver spin.
SKINNY: The 4-piece ball has a new dual core (both the soft inner core and firmer outer core get progressively harder). The by-product is similar ball speed, yet less spin, off the driver than with Z-Star X (the ball it replaces). A new urethane cover material (softer, thinner than Z-Star X) should deliver more predictable spin from imperfect lies such as rough. Srixon claims the yellow ball enhances your ability to visualize flight.

1. Company will promote golf ball education (and fitting) through its website, sales reps (fittings at demo days), in retail stores and direct to golfers. Three-step process at to "Build A Ball."
2. Twelve independent modules (subjects such as core, materials, aerodynamics, etc.) "teach" you about specific ball-related topics.
3. Interactive educational element (by summer 2011) enables you to construct your own ball based on desired component size, stiffness, launch conditions, etc.

$45 (per dozen),


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