Slip-On Golf Shoes

Dexter’s slip-on Golf Moc was one of the most functional new products of 2001. This year, the laceless, slip-on moccasin exploded in popularity industry-wide, with an array of styles (contemporary, conservative, even classics). All mocs listed below, except Bite’s Golf Runner, have a one-year waterproof guarantee.

Photographer: Bob Grier Bob Grier

Clockwise, from top left: Dexter’s ClassicMocs Saddle offers the comfort and fit of the original Golf Moc with a conservative look. The flexible insole provides foam cushioning across the foot; a molded foam midsole offers support; and the rubber sole and Fast Twist Reactive 2 cleats help lateral stability and comfort. Colors: Black/black, dark brown, white/dark brown, and black/brown. ($90; 888-833-9837 or

Combining elements of golf sandals and mocs, Bite’s Golf Runner is lightweight (14 ounces per shoe), adjustable (straps across the forefoot and heel), breathable (mesh upper), and stable (the sole has a high sidewall mudguard, wide heel, Fast Twist Bitespikes, and teeth for added traction). Color: Black/zane grey/silver. ($90; 800-248-3465 or

Etonic’s Dri-Lite 200 Moc comes with a Bio-cushion insole for support and comfort, a “Shocksorb” heel insert to absorb the pounding while walking, Lycra lining, reinforced shank in the arch, plus Champ Scorpion cleats and dozens of traction pyramids on the sole. Color: Dark brown/black. Available October 1. ($75; 800-SPALDING or

Nike’s DuraComfort TW Slip-On is classically styled, weighs 15 ounces per shoe, and has visible Air cushioning in the heel. The [email protected] (traction at contact) sole with Champ Scorpion cleats provides stability through the swing. Color: Black. Available September 1. ($105; 800-922-6453 or