ClubTest 2014: SeeMore FGP PTM2 Putter

ClubTest 2014: SeeMore FGP PTM2 Putter

SeeMore FGP PTM2 Putter
Michael Chini

SeeMore FGP PTM2
Category: Blade Putters
Price: $195
35” shaft length
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The heel-shafted, stainless-steel head has a full toe hang design.

Consistent, precise distances on lag putts; testers get serviceable results on slight misses; the FGP PTM2 makes rolling the ball on a straight line simple.
FEEL: Satisfying, high-pitched ping sound; descriptive impact sensation with a slight pop; poor strokes with this heavy head are acknowledged with a duller response but no harshness; midsize grip suits some not all.
LOOK: Excellent approach to alignment with the two-tone shaft and SeeMore’s effective “stop light” visual aid in the heel—you’re not lined up correctly if you see the red dot behind the shaft; thick, short head offers a sense of control.

Smaller sweet spot than some others requires a consistent, fundamentally sound stroke; a few testers think there’s too much going on visually; shorter head with a wide topline isn’t the most attractive to a handful of guys.

BOTTOM LINE: There’s enough alignment help for lesser-skilled players and enough feel and performance for low-handicappers. It’s easy to use, and SeeMore’s visual aid along the heel can improve your stroke by improving your starting position.

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