SeeMore Corona Del Mar FGP Deep Flange Putter Review: ClubTest 2016

May 17, 2016



CATEGORY: Midsize Mallet Putters
PRICE: $195
WE TESTED: 34″, 35″, 36″ lengths
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The 360-gram stainless steel head has a TPU face insert.


DISTANCE CONTROL: Testers find their touch quickly, from all over the green; the insert produces quality roll and repeatable lengths.
FEEL: Get the backswing started and it’s automatic, smooth and balanced through the ball; soft, resonant zip — just the right amount of feedback on all hits; testers like how the big counterweighted grip (CB version) stabilizes the stroke.
LOOK: Panelists like the souped-up blade, with its milled head, satin finish, crisp sightlines and cream-colored face insert; once testers learn to use SeeMore’s trademark alignment system, setup is second nature — it lets them concentrate on a good stroke; two-tone shaft stands out, and the black bottom reduces glare.


Can actually cause too much confidence at address, which drives guys to overpower the ball; off-center putts lose some distance and direction — higher-handicappers should proceed with caution.

BOTTOM LINE: A responsive, smooth-swinging mini-mallet that gets you in the correct position at address. The head is loaded with visual, auditory and kinesthetic feedback: You have several ways of knowing what kind of contact you made.

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