Scotty Cameron Futura X7 and X7M Putters

October 6, 2015

Titleist’s new Scotty Cameron Futura X7 ($379) and X7M ($379 standard, $399 Dual Balance) putter models represent the latest and greatest in Cameron’s high MOI mallet line.

“The motivation behind Futura X always has been to help golfers make a more stable, more balanced, more consistent, more confident stroke,” Cameron said. “We’ve enhanced those benefits with X7 and X7M through larger, multi-material constructions that make alignment simple. For the golfer, that translates into higher MOI for stability, a bigger sweet spot for forgiveness, easier alignment for a more confident setup, and a better, softer feel.”

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The face-balanced Futura X7 mallet features a clubhead that’s 10% larger than the previous Futura X5 and is built with a lightweight aluminum face and sole that is encompassed in a stainless steel frame. The result of this unique combination is a very soft feel with enhanced MOI and forgiveness at impact.

The Futura X7M mallet is also face-balanced and features a similar multi-material construction but is built with a stainless steel bar in the back of the clubhead that provides even more MOI and forgiveness than the standard X7 model. The X7M is also available in a Dual Balance model that features a clubhead that’s 50-grams heavier than standard (400g total) and a 50-gram counterweight in the grip end of the club. The Dual Balance X7M comes in a 38″ length and features a 15″ grip designed to allow players to hold the club below the counterweight for enhanced stability throughout the stroke.

“With X7M I wanted a round shape with a crisp and sharp look for alignment. X7 and X7M have a lot of the same features but the X7M is manipulated and made with a back weight for more MOI – thus the name, X7M, where the ‘M’ stands for MOI,” Cameron said. “Instead of having big ears and weights in the back, which some might call cumbersome, the bar on the back with the weights streamlines the shape. A few tour players also said shadowing on the course can sometimes affect sight lines, so on the X7M I raised the alignment lines and made them even longer.”

All Futura X7 models will be available at retail on October 23rd.