ClubTest 2014: Scor SCOR4161 Wedges

Scor SCOR4161 Wedges

Scor SCOR4161 Wedges
Category: Wedges
Price: $135, steel; $150, graphite
41°, 45°, 49°, 53°, 57° with Genius 7 graphite shaft; 42°, 46°, 50°, 54°, 56° with Genius 10 KBS Tour 90 steel shaft; 43°, 47°, 51°, 55°, 59° with Genius 12 KBS Tour 120 steel shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The “V-sole” combines high- and low-bounce areas for shotmaking versatility.

The V-sole performs admirably from all types of lies; easy to hit high shots from the fairway without too much spin; excellent around the greens, including the rough and bunkers; great for flop shots.
DISTANCE CONTROL: Testers could control spin and yardage on nearly every swing; more consistent and accurate than most of its competitors—for many guys, Scor wedges throw a lot of bull’s-eyes; good touch around the greens, with a lot more forgiveness than you’d expect from a compact head.
FEEL: One of the best for balance and weighting translates to blue-ribbon responsiveness; testers feel exactly where and how well they hit it; offers all the feedback you need if you miss it—without jarring the hands.
LOOK: One of the favorites; classic muscleback with a brushed finish gives testers confidence in the address position.

Small blade size can be a bit intimidating to higher-handicappers; a few guys say mis-hits feel a little clunkier than some other models; need to be struck solidly to produce enough spin.

BOTTOM LINE: One of the top-rated wedges. A strong all-around performer available in a ton of lofts. These are a great option, even if you’re not familiar with the brand.

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