Pure Grips expands golf grip line to appeal to all golfers -- including me

Pure Grips expands golf grip line to appeal to all golfers — including me

Pure Grips

ORLANDO, Fla. — Grips don't get equal time with shafts and clubheads. They just don't. They're like the offensive linemen who blocks for the back who breaks loose for a touchdown run.

But grips are crucial and they have never been better or more varied. We all have our grip preferences. I like full cord in my grips. I like that roughness, it feels like it's easier to keep strong contact with the club. Once you're a full-cords golfer, it's tough to give that up. But Pure Grips has an alternative that I'm going to check out.

I played in an outing last fall in Mesquite, Nev., and my driver grip had gotten so worn, it had a string of cord hanging off of it. It was time for a new grip but it was only a few minutes before the outing's shotgun start. A Pure Grips rep was there changing out grips. Pure Grips uses seamless molding and rubber technology to make easy-on, easy-off grips.

It is best known for its innovative installation process. There is no glue or tape involved. Instead, an air gun blows pressurized air through a small hole on the butt of the grip. The grip itself then lifts off the shaft and can be slid off. It takes a couple of seconds. It's the same process in reverse to install grips. Without the air pressure, the rubber grip reverts to normal size and grips to the shaft. So there's no glue, no drying, no waiting time.

The Pure Grips rep put a new grip on my driver in a matter of seconds. Since it is easily changeable, I decided to try a slightly bigger mid-size grip. He put it on, I went to the tee and I've been using it ever since. I'm now considering mid-size Pure Grips grips for my irons. The problem is, I hate to give up my full cords.

This week at the PGA Merchandise Show I discovered that the cords excuse is now out the window. Pure Grips's newest product, other than adding a putter grip to its lineup, is its version of a cord grip — the DTX. The new grip is Pure Grips's first collaboration with famed golf instructor Hank Haney. The DTX grip is all rubber, of course, like all Pure Grips products. But this one has a unique combination of rough sections and tacky sections and the result is the same rugged feel as actual cord.

One other wrinkle is an expansion of color. The Pure Grips grips come in ten colors — pretty much the whole rainbow, plus black and white. And you can now add graphics and lettering to your grip. You want a purple grip with the Pure logo outlined in yellow, you got it. You can check it all out at their website.