Ping Tour-S Wedges

Ping Tour-S Wedges


From the Shop Blog (May, 2010)

Ping’s PGA Tour staff players got their first chance to use the company’s newest wedges—the Tour-S wedges—in the days leading up to the 2010 Players Championship.

According to Ping’s Matt Rollins, the copper-colored Tour-S wedges are made from 8620 stainless steel, which is softer than the material Ping has used to make previous wedges. Designed to reduce glare, Rollins says that golfers should expect the finish to wear off with time and use, but rust will naturally develop to keep the coloring fairly consistent.

The chrome-finished Tour-S wedges have the same head design as their copper-colored counterparts but are made from 1704 stainless steel, the material Ping has used in the past to create wedges.

“The wedges made from 8620 stainless steel are going to wear out a little bit quicker,” Rollins said. “We are going to have to replace them a little bit quicker for the guys on tour. The 1704 wedges are like the ones we’ve always had.”

The hosel of the Tour-S is slightly longer than the hosel of the other Ping wedges, which moves the club’s center of gravity closer to the heel. According to Rollins, that should produce a flatter ball flight.

The first groove of the Tour-S wedges runs nearly parallel with the leading edge, and because it painted white, it’s extremely easy to see. “That’s something that our Tour pros prefer,” Rollins said. For amateur players, it should make aligning the club much easier.

Like the S-57 irons and the Tour-W wedges, a polymer insert behind the face of the clubs softens feel at impact and allows Ping club builders to adjust the swing weight of the Tour-S wedges easily.

Since the clubs are new this season, they come with 2010 USGA conforming grooves; manufacturers are no longer able to bring new clubs to market that contain the old grooves.Look for the Tour-S wedges to start appearing in pro shops this summer.



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