Ping G30 LS Tec Driver Review: ClubTest 2015

February 5, 2015

Ping G30 LS Tec Driver


Category: Better-Player Drivers
Price: $349
9° (adjusts 8° to 10°), 10.5° (adjusts 9.5° to 11.5°) with TFC419 graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The CG is 8 percent closer to the face than in the standard G30, which lowers spin rates by up to 400 rpm.



DISTANCE: A leader of the pack; definitely a big banger, clearly longer than a good number of testers’ current drivers; it’s difficult to know for certain how much the “turbulators” contribute to distance by reducing aerodynamic drag.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: One of the highest-rated models; easy to fit shots into just about any fairway, just aim and fire; very helpful on off-center hits—guys don’t lose much when they miss the center of the clubface.
FEEL: The G30 LS Tec delivers a smooth sensation on good shots and not much worse on misses; a light, but well-balanced feel throughout the swing encourages an aggressive move; the face is a powerhouse at impact.
PLAYABILITY: One of the top-rated sticks; a straight, repeating ball flight that can be altered at will; high-launching trajectory that still bores through the wind with ease.
LOOK: Matte-black finish and square setup are a nice combo; raised ridges, or turbulators, on the crown frame the ball at address; the deep head appears easy to hit.



Some testers find it harder to draw than they’d expect; a few guys complain that the turbulators are a turnoff visually and that the head looks too big at address.

BOTTOM LINE: Among the highest-rated models. It’s one of the longest and most forgiving clubs in the test. The G30 LS Tec is a big improvement over the very good i25.

HOT STIX’S TAKE: A low-spin clubhead with plenty of forgiveness across the face, the G30 LS Tec will favor moderate to high swing speeds.Launch – Low; Spin – Low

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From the February 2015 Issue of Golf Magazine

The newest, stoutest club in Ping’s G30 driver series is the G30 LS Tec. It’s best-suited for fast swing-speed players who’d benefit from a stick that produces lower spin rates than the standard G30 while maintaining reasonable levels of forgiveness.

To accomplish this, Ping’s designers moved the club’s CG 8 percent closer to the face than in the G30, which decreases spin on center hits by up to 400 rpm. The CG is as much as 35 percent lower and 30 percent farther back in the head than many “low-forward” CG drivers, for added forgiveness on off-center contact. In addition, the high balance-point TFC 419D shaft allows for a marginally heavier club head and, thus, higher MOI. The redesigned adjustable hosel enables you to tweak loft stronger or weaker by 1° in half-degree increments. And, like the rest of the G30 driver family, “turbulators” on the crown are engineered to reduce aerodynamic drag during the swing so you can generate faster clubhead speeds. Lofts: 9°, 10.5°. Available February 12. — Rob Sauerhaft

From, January 12, 2015

Last fall, the company debuted the G30 driver for the meat of the market as well as the G30 SF Tec for players who could use more draw bias. Now comes the G30 LS Tec for faster swingers who’d benefit from lower spin rates than in the standard G30. The club’s CG is 8 percent closer to the face than in the G30, which decreases spin on center hits by up to 400 rpm. Also, the CG is significantly lower and farther back in the head than some “low-forward” CG drivers, for more help on off-center contact.

Like its brethren, the LS Tec (stands for Low Spin technology) features a redesigned, five-setting hosel so you can tweak loft stronger or weaker by 1° in 0.5° increments. A marginally heavier head than in the G25 is counterbalanced by a lighter, high balance-point shaft, which creates higher MOI and more momentum at impact. Aerodynamic ridges on the crown (referred to as “turbulators”) reduce drag during the swing, which lets players generate faster head speeds.

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