Ping G Fairway Wood Review: ClubTest 2016

April 19, 2016



CATEGORY: Game Improvement Fairway Woods
PRICE: $270
WE TESTED: G in Stretch 3 (adjusts 12° to 14°), 3 (adjusts 13.5° to 15.5°), 5 (adjusts 16.5° to 18.5°), 7 (adjusts 19.5° to 21.5°) with Alta 65 graphite shaft; G SF Tec in 3 (adjusts 15° to 17°), 5 (adjusts 18° to 20°) with Alta 65 shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Trimming 7 grams off the crown compared with last year lowers and deepens the CG for greater MOI and launch.


PLAYABILITY: Top-shelf — the G and G SF Tec pick balls from good and bad lies easily; the stronger-lofted G has a boring, mid-low flight and works shots gently in either direction, while the draw-bias SF Tec launches balls higher.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: First-class — both models produce their share of straight shots; the G needs more of an exacting blow to get balls airborne.
DISTANCE: Average to slightly longer on balance, but a few guys pick up serious yards over their own sticks; G plays longer in firm conditions; SF Tec boosts carry for slower swingers.
FEEL: The head doesn’t waver through the tall stuff; firm impact — clearly communicates where contact is made.
LOOK: Low profile inspires confidence on tight lies; turbulators on the crown frame the ball while white lines on the face aid setup; matte finish reduces glare.


The low profile takes time to adjust to off a tee or from fluffy lies; some want more length; a few guys would like a more pronounced draw-bias on the SF Tec.

BOTTOM LINE: The G family is one of the top woods tested, thanks to its ability to repeatedly send shots soaring straight from the fairway and tee.

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