Ping Cadence TR Ketsch Mid Putter Review: ClubTest 2016

May 17, 2016



CATEGORY: Midsize Mallet Putters
PRICE: $230
WE TESTED: 34″, 35″ lengths
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Available in choice of two head weights: 350 grams or 375 grams.


DISTANCE CONTROL: The milled grooves deliver consistent distances on both short and long putts; especially useful on mis-hits, which still get to the hole; excellent feedback helps to calibrate ideal ball speed.
FEEL: Dense, heavy head and a big, soft grip convey stability to the hands and foster a nice, flowing stroke; soft yet powerful on center contact; plenty of response on off-center hits.
LOOK: Simple, compact design picks up lots of fans; easy to line up— three bold, white stripes pop off the halfmoon head to focus your eyes on the line.


Requires a short break-in period to get used to the speed and feel; even with two weights available, it’s not for players who prefer a lighter head.

BOTTOM LINE: One of the best in its class—the Ketsch Mid sets up square, shows you the line, and smooths out the stroke. Plus, its feel, forgiveness and stability rank with the best of them. Sound too good to be true? For fans of mid-mallets, it’s pretty darned close.


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