Ping Announces New Driver, Wedge and Putter for 2015

January 12, 2015
NEW PING 2015.jpg

Ping rings in the New Year with a new driver, wedge, and putter series sure to catch your eye. All of these models will be at retail in mid-February. Here’s a quick preview.

G30 LS Tec Driver


Last fall, the company debuted the G30 driver for the meat of the market as well as the G30 SF Tec for players who could use more draw bias. Now comes the G30 LS Tec for faster swingers who’d benefit from lower spin rates than in the standard G30. The club’s CG is 8 percent closer to the face than in the G30, which decreases spin on center hits by up to 400 rpm. Also, the CG is significantly lower and farther back in the head than some “low-forward” CG drivers, for more help on off-center contact.

Like its brethren, the LS Tec (stands for Low Spin technology) features a redesigned, five-setting hosel so you can tweak loft stronger or weaker by 1° in 0.5° increments. A marginally heavier head than in the G25 is counterbalanced by a lighter, high balance-point shaft, which creates higher MOI and more momentum at impact. Aerodynamic ridges on the crown (referred to as “turbulators”) reduce drag during the swing, which lets players generate faster head speeds.

Glide Wedge

$129, steel; $149, graphite

Designed with a proprietary, longer-than-standard tapered grip that allows players to choke down for added control on scoring shots, Glide wedges come in three sole grinds—wide (WS), standard (SS), and thin (TS). The 431-stainless steel heads come in 13 loft and sole combinations to fit different swing types or turf conditions while “loft-optimized” grooves target specific spin rates and trajectories. For example, the 47° to 54° lofts have a more gradual groove radius for full shots while the 56° to 60° have a tighter groove radius to maximize spin on shorter shots.

Cadence TR Putters


Based on Ping research that stroke tempo is a key to consistent performance, Cadence TR putters come in traditional or “heavy” head weights. Traditional models have blue aluminum face inserts and blue grips while heavy models have black stainless steel inserts and black grips. There’s a 25 to 35 gram difference, depending on the model. Each putter has TR (True Roll) grooves that help to produce similar distances on center and off-center contact. A variety of head styles (plus a counterbalanced option) are available for different stroke types including straight, slight arc, or strong arc.


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