The best holiday gifts for golfers 2017

1 of 4 Courtesy Arccos

Arccos 360 Performance Tracking System, $250

This really is the age of knowing…everything. Distance to the pin, distance to clear the bunker, or how off line your driver has been all day. The screw-in caps measure all the numbers that an amateur really wants—distance, consistency, fairways hit (or missed), putts recorded, etc.—and tosses it into a slick smartphone interface. It's one of those things where you don't know what you're missing until you try it.

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2 of 4 Courtesy Mizzen+Main

Mizzen+Main Dress Shirts, $125

These performance fabric dress shirts from Mizzen+Main will become a new favorite. The company also makes golf polos, but their collared shirts withstand swampy commutes to both the golf course and the office.

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3 of 4 Courtesy of PXG

PXG Lifted Duffel Bag, $550

If a set of PXG's custom-built clubs is too much of a stretch for your budget, you can still add a bit of luxe to your golf ensemble with the company's premium logoed bag. Composed of supple black Nappa leather, the bag has a soft-lined interior and a zippered shoe compartment at the bottom, along with an additional removable drawstring pouch.

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In development for 10 years, the five-layer TP5 series balls have large, soft, three-layer inner cores (called a Tri-Fast Core") consisting of an extremely low-compression centera marginally stiffer outer coreand an even stiffer mantle layer. Meanwhilethe fourth and fifth layers -- a firm inner cover and soft cast-urethane outer cover -- combine for elite short-game spin and control.

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