Evnroll ER3 WingBlade putter Look Feel ClubTest 2017

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Perhaps its strongest feature; distinctive groove design seems to keep misses on line and with good speed-heel and toe hits roll out almost as well as center ones; built-in forgiveness builds confidence and frees testers to focus on the line and pace.
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Fosters a more rhythmic motion; heavier, well-balanced clubhead glides through the hitting area; impact is heard rather than felt, with a noticeable click on putts across the face; solid on center hits and stable when you mis-hit it.
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Closer to a midsize mallet in size, the shape reminds testers of butterfly wings; two unpainted dots on the topline help you set up square with a consistent lie angle, while a white line in the flange provides additional help with aim; glare-free finish is appealing.