Ping Crossover Look Feel ClubTest 2017

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More of a 'roided take on a long iron than a typical hybrid- it's bulky, squared-off and looks ready to mash; black finish slims it down some, while the contrasting gray face frames the ball; not egregiously offset, but you'll certainly notice.
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Jumpy, metallic and as hot as you can handle-a welterweight club that hits like a young Mike Tyson; the hollow head swallows most of the feedback-you'll hear it before you feel it.
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Must be a "G" thing: the Crossover's safe across a wide swath of the face, with good distance on bad swings; allows some sidespin but nothing fatal-corrals misses better than other souped-up hybrids; in general, does a better job of hiding bad strikes than rewarding good ones.