Odyssey Unveils New ‘Odyssey Works’ Line of Putters

January 8, 2015

Odyssey Golf has introduced its new line of putters, Odyssey Works, which are aimed at achieving the perfect combination of roll and feel.  

The technology that makes such an achievement possible—and what the company calls Fusion RX—involves an ultra-thin, .406-mm “stainless steel mesh” that lays on top of a face insert like those originally found in the White Hot putters, according to Austie Rollinson, Odyssey’s principal designer. The idea is that the mesh-like insert helps grab the ball more effectively upon impact and reduce skidding, resulting in a quicker, more immediate roll.

The Odyssey Works line includes 11 different head shapes, many of which you’ll recognize from past models like the #1, #7 or #9 (shown above). The line also features Versa alignment technology, but with gray and black contrast as opposed to the white/black combination from last year’s Versa line. Also available is an entirely new head shape, the 2-Ball Fang, which the company says is 36% more accurate than any previous 2-Ball model.

Odyssey Works putters, ranging from $180 to $220, are currently available for pre-order and will officially hit stores January 30.

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