Nike VR Pro Combo Irons

From Golf Magazine (Janaury 2012)
Nike VR Pro Combo CB
Designed for: Game enhancement
Nike’s VR Pro Combo was one of the most-revered irons for better players at ClubTest 2011. One reason for its popularity: three distinct head styles (pocket cavity long irons, split cavity mid-irons and blade short irons). The new forged VR Pro Combo CB offers pocket cavity long irons (3-5), split cavity mid-irons (6-7), and split cavity short irons (8-PW) for a bit more help on scoring shots. The “high frequency x3x” groove pattern is designed to create repeatable flight from shot to shot.
$899, steel

From Golf Magazine (April 2011)
Category: Tour Irons
We tested: 3-PW with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft

Key Technologies: This forging has a "progressive center of gravity location" to achieve desired launch from club to club. Three separate head designs (pocket cavity long irons, split cavity midirons and blade short irons) offer added forgiveness, maneuverability and enhanced feel, respectively.

OUR TESTERS SAY: One of the top models tested. A well-blended set for better players, which nails the pro-combo concept.

PLAYABILITY: Several testers rave about superb versatility throughout the set and from all lies and situations.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Many testers experience deadly, laser-like results from the scoring clubs, and they also love their spin control.
DISTANCE CONTROL: For the most part, testers seem confident that distance is on par with their sets.
FEEL: Flush, smooth, buttery sensation on pure contact throughout the set; thin shots provide a "stinging" feel.
LOOK: Many testers consider it to be the best-looking club tested.

Too much feedback on slightly off-center misses; short shots near the green come off the face too hot for some testers.

From Golf Magazine (December, 2010)
This progressive set graduates from pocket-cavity long irons (3-4) to split-cavity middle irons (5-7) to muscleback short irons (8-PW). The long irons are engineered to provide a higher trajectory, while the mid and short irons offer more workability and feel. A precision forging process and new groove design (more grooves packed closer together) enhance consistency and distance control.

From The Shop Blog (October 6, 2010)
Paul Casey does it. So does Stewart Cink. In fact, if you look inside the bags of many of golf's best players you'll see they blend a few game-improving cavity back long irons with blade-style short irons to create their set.

Nike wants to help you get the benefits of a multi-club set, and to make the process a little easier, the company is releasing the Victory Red Pro Combo irons.

All eight irons in the VR Pro Combo set are forged using the same 1025 carbon steel and feature the same dye-stamped USGA conforming grooves, but they are designed with different goals in mind.

The 3- and 4-irons feature a pocket behind the face that shifts more weight lower and deeper in the head. This drops the center of gravity and makes the clubs higher-launching and more forgiving.

In sharp contrast, the 8- and 9-irons, as well as the pitching wedge, are traditional muscleback blades. Their center of gravity is higher to help players work the ball more effectively for greater accuracy and control.

Sandwiched between, the 5- thru 7-irons feature perimeter weighting—without the channel of the long irons—to bridge the whole set together.

The Nike VR Pro Combo irons will be available starting Nov. 26 with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shafts for about $1,080.

The video below, produced by Nike Golf, features several of the company's staff players talking about the VR Pro Combo irons

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$899, steel

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