Nike Victory Red STR8-Fit Tour Driver


From Golf Magazine (March, 2011)
We tested: 9.5°, 10.5° with Project X graphite shaft

Key Technologies: Pear shaped driver with "Variable Compression Channel" designed to increase ball speed. The club's CG location is positioned to optimize shotmaking ability, while the newest version of STR8-FIT face angle technology (32 settings) allows for full adjustability.

OUR TESTERS SAY: This is Nike's best driver to date. It possesses good looks plus above-average distance and forgiveness.

DISTANCE: A number of testers indicate they hit it significantly longer than normal while a few others rate it about the same as their own.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Consistent off the tee and noteworthy for its forgiveness, particularly on heel hits; testers credit its adjustability with providing very good accuracy.
FEEL: Powerful, balanced feel with little twisting through impact; a few testers note a hot or explosive sensation off the face.
PLAYABILITY: Shot-shaping ability depends largely on how the face angle is set; many testers hit their "normal" shot pattern consistently after the fit is dialed in; others easily alter shot trajectory.
LOOK: Arguably Nike's best yet; traditional shape sits nicely at address; attractive paint job.

Some testers find it difficult to turn over; impact could be softer.

From Golf Magazine (ClubTest, February 2010)

Category: Tour Drivers
We tested: 9.5°, 10.5° with Aldila VooDoo VR6 graphite shaft

Company line: "The Str8-Fit shaft adaptor built into the hosel provides 32 different clubhead positions for 32 possible shot shapes. This feature also plays a major role in optimizing launch conditions to maximize distance for each loft."

PROS: Head feels stable through impact with above-average correction on off-center hits; clubface adjustability is a definite plus—simply dial in settings for consistent accuracy; some testers find that shots jump off the face; more traditional look is a big upgrade over recent Nike drivers; the long shaft gives you the sense that you're swinging faster; better overall than the SQ Sumo 5900 Tour.

CONS: Loud impact sound; less-than-satisfying feel on mis-hits; some find the adjustable hosel to be too visually prominent for an otherwise sleek package.


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From Sports Illustrated Golf+ Equipment Issue (February 8, 2010)
Paul Casey Talks VR Tour Driver: "The VR Tour is a great blend of technology and aesthetics. It still has a high moment of inertia, but combined with the new compression channel, I can get away with off-center hits toward the bottom of the club face and not lose distance. The big advantage for consumers is that they can customize the loft and lie with 32 different positions. They can shape the ball a little easier. The most pleasant surprise is that the technology feels as good if not better than a traditional glued driver. My worry was that the feeling up the shaft into my grip would be different, as this is not a permanent connection. But the feel is great, and knowing that I can change the loft and lie is really cool for a fan of club ­technology."

From The Shop Blog (December 2009)
Paul Casey spilled the beans about Nike's Victory Red drivers on his Twitter page back on September 15. However, the company has now officially released both versions of the club and revealed more details about their design.

The Nike Victory Red STR8-Fit Tour driver has a traditional headshape that varies in size between 440cc to 460cc based on the loft. The stock shaft is an Aldila Voodoo, but the first thing that golfers will notice about the club is the orange Compression Channel running along the bottom of the club.

According to Nike, the channel allows the lower portion of the driver's head to bend slightly when shots are hit lower in the face. Tom Stites, Nike director of product innovation, says that's a good thing.
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