Nike Vapor Fly Pro Driver Review: ClubTest 2016

Nike Vapor Fly Pro Driver Review: ClubTest 2016

Nike Vapor Fly Pro Driver
Manfred Koh



CATEGORY: Game Improvement Drivers
PRICE: $400
WE TESTED: 10.5° (adjusts 8.5° to 12.5°) with Mitsubishi Diamana S+ Blue Board 60 graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The now-familiar cavity-back design helps increase MOI for added head stability on mis-hits.


DISTANCE: Serves up pretty decent yardage, particularly for fast swingers who need lower altitude and a few less RPMs off the tee; fires off flat screamers that hit the ground running; adding loft is a must to get acceptable results.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Accuracy is its best attribute; for a majority of testers, it’s stupid straight, with little to no curve; the lower ball flight holds its course in the wind.
FEEL: A tight, dense thwack at impact — more muted than metallic, almost wooden; good balance and stability make it easy to catch the sweet spot.
PLAYABILITY: The Vapor Fly Pro is possibly the lowest-launching driver in the Game Improvement category; it prefers straight lines, but a few panelists can create all the shots an ambitious mid-handicapper might need; simple to adjust, and the results are plain to see.
LOOK: Flashy and overall polarizing, but high marks for originality — there’s nothing else that looks like this one; a bunch of guys like the blue finish; a smallish, traditional head shape with a lot of fans; overall, in line with Nike’s core focus: a modern, athletic look.


Unless you have enough swing speed and spin to wake this one up (think Rory), it won’t wow you with distance; for some guys, the feedback is a little mushy and abrupt; the blue finish has at least as many detractors as it does fans — it’s definitely loud, and to some, obnoxious.

BOTTOM LINE: If you’re looking to knock off some backspin and go for futuristic, rave-ready styling, the Vapor Fly Pro driver could be a good fit. It’s probably best for longer hitters looking to find a few more fairways.

HOT STIX’S TAKE: At address, the clubhead sits slightly open with less visual loft. It hits shots marginally higher than last year’s Vapor Pro. Yet it’s still a relatively low-launching head aimed at faster swingers who need to keep flight down. Launch: Low; Spin: Low





From, December 10, 2015:

Rory’s new 460 cc gamer has many of the same design features as Vapor Fly, right down to the lightweight crown, updated compression channel, reinforced cavity and adjustable-loft system. But this is a more compact package, with a lower natural flight and slightly less spin. The pear-shaped head also has a neutral shot bias. There’s also a third driver, the Vapor Flex 440 ($500), set to come out in early March. It’s built for stronger players who’d benefit from a very low-spin offering.Michael Chwasky




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