Nike Vapor Flex Fairway Woods Review: ClubTest 2015

April 22, 2015

Nike Vapor Flex Fairway Woods


Category: Better-Player Fairway Woods
Price: $250
15° (adjusts 13° to 17°) and 19° (adjusts 17° to 21°) with Mitsubishi Diamana S+ Blue Board 70 graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: A straighter, flatter leading edge gets in and out of turf easier than last year’s Covert 2.0 Tour.



PLAYABILITY: Strong off the deck—it can stand up to any lie you come across, good or bad; launches off the tee with a soaring, mid-high trajectory and no trace of ballooning, although it’s pretty easy to generate any flight you want.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Big sweet spot gives you confidence that you’ll get it going in the right direction; reduces sidespin off the tee to correct directional misses pretty nicely—can save you as long as you make reasonable contact.
DISTANCE: The Vapor Flex offers respectable overall length with a good amount of roll out; solid hits wind up about where guys are accustomed to with their own clubs; enough power to replace your driver on shorter par 4s.
FEEL: A little on the light side, which makes you want to swing aggressively; very soft and slightly muted at impact but nice just the same—you can almost feel the ball compress on the face when you pure it.
LOOK: The sparkling black paint and neon yellow swoosh are just plain cool; good traditional shape; Nike’s neon volt color grows on some of our guys.



Not quite as much correction on off-center hits as some others; a few testers want more informative feedback at impact; provides solid, dependable distance, but the Vapor Flex is hardly a bomber.

BOTTOM LINE: Nike’s been on a fairway-wood hot streak in recent years, and the Vapor Flex continues the trend. Skilled players will enjoy the consistency that this visually appealing weapon delivers.

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NEXT REVIEW: Ping i25 Fairway Woods

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