Nike SQ Machspeed STR8-Fit Driver

Nike SQ Machspeed STR8-Fit Driver


From Golf Magazine (ClubTest, February 2010)

Category: Game-Improvement Drivers
We tested: 9.5°, 10.5°, 11.5° with UST Mamiya
ProForce AXIVcore graphite shaft

Company line: “We designed this club to
optimize aerodynamics throughout the swing.
The ‘PowerBow’ design and sole diffuser reduce
drag and encourage faster acceleration than any
previous Nike driver. Eight face-angle options
make it easy for you to correct shot shape.”

PROS: Hits higher-than-average, straight tee
shots; possibly the highest average ball flight
in its group; adjustable face technology allows
you to dial in soft draws or fades; square design
helps slow swingers who spray drives; good
option for players who have trouble getting the
ball airborne and don’t create much backspin;
more accurate than most, a very good control
stick; minimal distance loss on off-center hits;
head doesn’t twist through impact; good option
for short, tight courses.

CONS: Square head and metallic impact sound
take some getting used to; difficult to shape
shots; combination of high launch and spin
might limit roll for some testers.”‘

From Sports Illustrated Golf+ Equipment Issue (February 8, 2010)
Justin Leonard Talks Machspeed Driver:
“When I looked at the shape of the club, I kind of laughed. I couldn’t believe that I was trying a driver that was so far from a classic shape. But I was shocked when I first saw the ball come off the face. I like the fact that I hit it farther (one of the shorter hitters on Tour, he laughs). With this driver I’ll be able to curve it and hit it about 10 yards farther. To the traditionalist, Leonard says, ‘Give it three or four balls.’ The initial glance is, ‘Oh, dear.’ Then it’s, ‘O.K., I get it.'”

From The Shop Blog (October 2009)
Nike Golf has announced that the square-headed SQ Machspeed driver will be in pro shops in March, 2010. But company representatives say Justin Leonard doesn’t want to wait that long and might put the driver in his bag next week at Harding Park Golf Course during the Presidents Cup.

The company says a system it developed called Total Swing Aerodynamics helps the Machspeed increase a player’s clubhead speed and add yards to tee shots.

Tom Stites, Nike Golf’s director of product innovation, said in a release: 'The number one thing that makes the ball go farther is faster ball speed. We’ve accomplished that through looking at the orientation of aerodynamics throughout the total golf swing, not just a portion of the swing.'
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